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Teamwork and unity are proven to affect the overall satisfaction and production of any team.  Power struggles and control often come from previous experiences with people that carry forth into your employee's relations with one another.  Holly understands and teaches Key Factors and Skills about how our relational neurology can be detrimental or beneficial in all kinds of relationships.  She has been trained in the THRIVE model of relational understanding and will lead your team in pro-active methods of communication.

Holly is becoming known for her strategic ability to operate with expertise in Microfacial Expressions and Relational Brain Science skills. She specializes in helping teams work better together, through value unification, foundational relational understanding and refining operational skills that yield an increase of productivity and personal/professional growth.

Holly also has a special passion for today's organization and business leaders. It can be lonely at the top! Today's leaders face unique challenges and pressures that mentors from the last generation have not known.

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Everyone on a Church or Ministry board has a heart for the people they serve.  But why is there often discourd and power struggles when you meet?  Experts are finding that "hidden" belief and experiences can be carried forward into current relationships which can be understood and healed!  Holly can fit a training time into any context that will help your board compassionately understand themselves and others.  To Contact Holly CLICK HERE.

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